5 Ways to Make Gardening Your Own Oasis

5 Ways to Make Gardening Your Own Oasis

Family celebration or a garden party outside in the backyard.

The perfect garden is one that is welcoming to all five senses. A well-designed outdoor living area can be a relaxing retreat, and it doesn’t have to be huge. To create a relaxing atmosphere, a soundscape with a Zen-inspired water feature can be a nice addition. Don’t feel limited by space–a few upcycled plastic bottles can create a mini greenhouse and start seeds. Here are some ways to make your garden your own oasis.

Romantic wooden arbors are designed to inspire peacefulness and a connection with mother nature. Easy to assemble and maintain, these arbors are a great way to turn your backyard into a European vacation retreat. Whether you like to entertain or just eat outdoors, these European Garden Living arbors are durable and beautifully crafted. With such beautiful accents, your backyard will become a relaxing, stress-free getaway. Garden living should be a pleasurable lifestyle, so enjoy the fruits of your labor.

To create a sustainable garden, avoid planting monocultures. In monocultures, plants are planted in rows and mass, making it easier for diseases and pests to spread. Choose plants that can shade the crops that are prone to bolting, and include herbs that repel insects. To keep bees happy, choose plants that are native to your area. Composting is an excellent method for garden waste. All of us can compost and make the earth look good.

In addition to mulch, you should use companion plants to help keep your soil healthy. Plants like comfrey, white clover, and creeping thyme can be used as a living mulch. While these plants are not a must-have in the garden, they do have important functions. Make sure you plant them in the right place so that they can flourish. This way, they can help each other grow and thrive.

The hottest trends in garden furniture are in the lounge space. Sofas made of outdoor fabrics are just as comfortable as those in indoor lounges. Designers are also using the same furniture in the garden to maximize the usable space of your home. In fact, last year, Cassina launched a collection that is specifically made for outdoor living. There are Philippe Starck designs as well as classics re-imagined for this new environment.